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Support Plans


For up to 20 Hours per month of administrative support 



For up to 15 hours per month of administrative support



For up to 10 hours per month of administrative support



For up to 5 hours per month of administrative support

Monthly support plans are encouraged for clients who need administrative support on a regular, ongoing basis. The best business relationships are established over time, and our support plans work best for clients who want an administrative consultant that provides long-term administrative support, builds trust and a comfortable working relationship, and helps your company prosper and grow.

With each plan, you are paying for a package of customized, skilled administrative support – not individual hours. In other words, your individual support plan will fit your particular goals and objectives – the same goals and objectives we've discussed in your consultation call. Whether you have one administrative task to tackle or a dozen, the plans are designed to fit your needs.


If you are truly needing only one or two projects completed that have a definitive deadline or end date, hourly support may be more appropriate for you. We will complete the same in depth consultation process and provide the same incredible support, just on an hourly basis. If at any point in the process you decide you would like to transition to a monthly support plan, we can make that change at any time. 

Have questions about which support plan might be best for you? Reach out and we will discuss what your business needs are and give you an idea of how many hours per month your business could benefit from our services. 

Get in Touch

To discuss how we can possibly help you. reach out via the chat button or give us a call and we will be happy to find you a solution! 

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